Annabella Proudlock

Annabella Proudlock was born in Wales and educated in England, where she worked as an international fashion model, fueling her interest in photography and a life long passion for travel. In 1966 she moved to Jamaica, teaching and raising funds for a Kingston ghetto-based charity. In 1979 she moved to Ocho Rios where, after a lengthy search, she and her partners found Harmony Hall, a Victorian manse, nearby. In 1981 after a year of restoration and beautification, Harmony Hall opened as an art and craft centre, with restaurant. Her celebrated “Annabella boxes” are sold throughout the Caribbean. In the late 1990’s , Annabella started combining her photographs with recycled objects to form shadow boxes and collages. Her favorite materials are shells, seeds and other found items, combining her love of beachcombing with the sea and rivers of the Caribbean. Layers are built up, creating a three-dimensional effect. From simple miniatures, the complexity increases in the larger pieces with the intricacy and the unusual details. Annabella has had solo exhibitions at both Harmony Hall in Jamaica and Antigua; The Devonish Gallery, Anguilla; Revolition Gallery, Kingston, and Round Hill, Jamaica. Her work and commissions are to be found in collections worldwide and she has done a new series for Green World Gallery, Key West, based on recent travels to Europe and India.


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